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Digital Forensics

Rikki Glen & Associates is adding an exciting new service, Computer Digital Forensics. For over fifteen years, RG&A has successfully provided valuable investigative services to the legal and business community, including criminal and civil case witness interviews; courtroom testimony; finding missing persons, surveillance, serving legal documents and a host of other related services. With the emergence and ubiquity of digital portable devices, we decided to adopt the technological skills needed to assist our clients with digital information discovery.

So, here’s an explanation of how these new capabilities can be a really useful tool for you if you need to recover digital information from a computer, a cell phone or other digital devices:

“Deleted” computer files are not destroyed; they are saved in a computer’s “unallocated space,” in a format not accessible by an untrained person. A computer forensics specialist can retrieve and understand information that was previously deleted, including (but not limited to) emails, Internet browsing history, document drafts and calendar appointments. Therefore, if you believe your case involves important information that may have been deleted from a device, don’t assume the information you seek is lost. Instead, you can consult Rikki Glen & Associates to ascertain what’s left and to recover the seemingly lost data.

RG&A uses EnCase 7 as our principle data recovery software. EnCase® Forensic, the industry-standard computer investigation software tool, is used by forensic practitioners who need to conduct efficient, forensically sound data collection and investigations using a repeatable and defensible process. The proven, powerful, and trusted EnCase® Forensic solution lets examiners acquire data from a wide variety of devices, unearth potential evidence with disk level forensic analysis, and craft comprehensive reports on their findings, all while maintaining the integrity of their evidence.

So, to summarize, RG&A continues to be one of the leading investigative service companies in Wisconsin. I continue to act in a leadership position in state and national associations. In so doing, RG&A have developed a statewide cadre of associates that willingly help provide the best service to my clients. “Continuous improvement” has always and will continue to be our mantra for “your best case scenario”. The new digital forensics capability is the latest example of our commitment.

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