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Background and Surveillance

Background checks – “Who Is He Really?”

Background Checks

Relationships are complex, especially new ones, and sometime's even fraught with danger. Other than perhaps a Google check, there is little that the average woman can do to fact check the information given by a seemingly nice guy, or even a “Mr. Wonderful”. It’s not just a matter of perhaps being disappointed later to find out that your new beau didn’t actually get his masters degree in Business Administration; it’s a matter of your safety to determine the actual facts of a person’s resume. The answer? Call or Email your concerns to Rikki Glen. Rikki Glen & Associates will generate a comprehensive report within 48 hours of your request.

Your report can be customized with specific requests. You will be given a guaranteed cost before work is completed.

Surveillance – “Where Is He Really?”


It’s 10:00; do you know where your significant other is? He said he had to work late, but the direct line at the office goes right to voice mail. The next night, your friend says she saw him at a restaurant, but he explains that he was with clients at two separate tables. The explanations and alibis pile up over time, each offered quickly and confidently, but you’re not sure at all that your getting the whole story, much less the whole truth. What should you do? Call Rikki Glen & Associates. We will meet with you, get the personal information regarding the “SO” and then create a plan for determining his whereabouts at any given time. You will be issued a report at the end of the surveillance period.

Your report can be customized with specific requests and surveillances can be extended depending on personal desires for additional detail.

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